Sketchbook reaction to Jonathon Rosen lecture


As an illustration student, it was particularly interesting to know the history of animation and the experiments to develop animating techniques from the old method of creating illusion of motion. Unlike these days where people use computer programs to create animation, people from 90 century invented animation using various materials and objects, such as phenakistoscope and zoetrope. I was fascinated by the invention of 3D printed zoetrope, which is a further experimentation of zoetrope, and the idea of expressing 2D painting in motion. Amazing details definitely helped the animation to look smoother.

In the lecture, I was inspired by the photographic studies that Eadweard Muybridge did in 1872 (horse series). This has reminded me of stop motion, which is the technique that is frequently used nowadays in many different ways. Maybe for my own work I would try making stop motion video with 2D elements (drawings and paintings)?

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