Core 4D Seminar – Cross sectional lecture assignment Backy James

For me rotoscoping animation was the most memorable topic during lecture. I thought it is interesting how the movement look to fluid and natural. I think the best thing about rotoscoping is that it is a great method to create a realistic animation, which is that I’m trying to achieve in my own work. I struggled a lot with making movements flow naturally because I don’t have a lot of experience in animating and drawing the same character over and over. Usually keeping the proportion was the most difficult but using this technique could solve the problem I have.

Technically I love how the rotoscoping techniques advance the flow of movement and how it helps making movements look more natural but as an artist I think I would use my own style for the character or get the technical help for a character only and then use different background / color or something. I think it lacks creativity if the animation looks too much like the video. There would be less meanings on redrawing the scene that the artist is rotoscoping if it does not have convey any creativity of the artist.

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