Cross Sectional Lecture Assignment Gary Leib

Among the films shown in class, the one that caught my attention the most was Fruit Fruit by by Peter Millard. I love the rough texture and brushstrokes used and how they rapidly changed in different forms.

I love how the animator used variations in forms to entertain veiwer’s eyes with visual elements and a fast changing shapes. I think the animator was interested in experimenting matching sound with visual elements, such as when fruits open their mouth the sound speaks the same.

This film inspired me to use various shapes to make an interesting visual effect since the style of my animation is mostly static and doesn’t have dynamics in form. After watching videos that Gary showed in today’s lecture, I realized that there is no limit when trying to illustrate something. I think I settled in reality and always tried to make something that is related to reality or something that comes from reality. Now I could challenge myself more in what story I’m trying to convey through my final animation.

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