Proposal 2

Section 1: Project Information
“What are you doing?” 

Include the following:

  • Project Title: Utopia
  • Your name and contact information: Chaeyeon Roh (
  • Project Log-line: no more than 3 sentences that capture the essence of the project.

Conscious and unconscious / beautiful landscapes / exotic imagery


Section 2: Objectives
“Why are you doing it?”
(8-10 sentences)

I am highly interested in foreign things, things I’ve never experienced or seen before. Looking at a new culture from fresh eyes could provoke the idea of exotic, and it sometimes provides an entirely new perspective of viewing a culture that significantly differs from the original. I am focusing on the imageries stemmed from my personal experience of looking at things that I’ve never seen before, or things that doesn’t event exist but in my dreams or fantasy such as plant species that are non existent, imaginary creature, metaphoric elements, and sceneries.

People sometimes dream of escaping the reality when times are tough, especially now due to COVID-19 when it’s not possible to travel anywhere. For this project I’m planning to focus on building my own space and world.

Section 3: Methodology
“How are you going to do it?”

(2-3 sentences) 

I’m planning to further explore the concept of utopia by developing the oil painting called “Paradise” that I did last semester (attached below) into 3D form such as a tunnel book with multiple layers (1st project) and installation (2nd project).

My target audience is people who feel tired of staying at home all time and spending the same time everyday – people who needs a relaxation and a break. Not restricted to age or gender.

The first project will take about 3 weeks and 2nd will take another 3 weeks to complete.

Section 4: Budget
“How much will it cost?” 

100-200 USD

Section 5: Additional research
What might I need to learn and research further?

  • List of imaginary creatures and their origins / culture
  • plant species
  • metaphorical elements such as Lethe
  • color palettes / tones
  • Inspirational photos of sceneries

Section 6: Appendix
Sketches, prototypes you already have, and inspiration images




“Paradise” Oil painting on canvas

Inspirational Images

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  1. SwanSwan · January 26, 2021 Reply

    I think this is a really cool idea you’ve started and is really important right now due to the pandemic. I’m curious about the size of your book because I see some of your inspirations take up a lot of physical space. I think aside from a tunnel book, if you’re interested in creating a space that leads to a feeling of entering a different world, maybe 3D decorative pieces or installations might be something to explore. You mention Lethe and that’s a very specific environment, and maybe even having stones or colorful leaves in your presentation that surround or overflow from your book in the presentation might add an extra layer of immersion. Even something such as lighting when posting your book will do a lot in further creating the world you want to create, and because the class won’t be able to touch your physical book I think you have a lot more opportunity to bring your vision through your digital presentation. I love the colors in your original painting and I’m excited to see how it’ll turn out in book form. Great job!

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