Week 3 Project Update

Project 3: Utopia

Pop-up book ( tunnel book )

26×30 cm



Original Painting:

For this project, I tried to re-create the painting that I did last semester into something more 3D.

I chose to make a pop-up book because I wanted to play with this idea of ‘dimension’ and ‘depth’. The painting itself already consists of multiple layers as you can see (foreground, middle ground, and background) and is clearly distinguishable, but since painting is limited to a single plane, I wanted to create a tunnel book that consists of layers with an actual space in-between. I tried to portray the texture in the painting as much as I could, so I made some cutouts inside as well using paper knife.

The painting has a lot of abstract elements especially on the background (water dripping, fire-like thing burning, plant species etc ) so when I was cutting paper I tried to apply that abstract feelings from the painting as well.

Process photo

First I cut all the layers (6 layers in total), and then created frames that hold each layers. I had to go through a lot of challenges when I was doing it, since I decided to remove the top part of the frame and make the landscapes come upward so that it looks more dramatic. It was also challenging for me to make everything fit together in one sized frame, since there were so many layers and elements that needed to be put together.

Besides all that I really enjoyed doing this project, and I’m satisfied with the final outcome as well.

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