Week 5 Project Update

Plant Species Illustration 

Music / harmony

 Air purifier


As an extension of my last piece (tunnel book), I decided to illustrate specific elements inside the world of “utopia”. Above images are the plant species which I got an inspiration from vintage botanical posters.

I gave each one of them a function 1 – beautiful music comes out of the hole around the puffy flowers 2 – absorbs micro dust / harmful substances in the air and uses those to bloom. 3 – condition / color of the plant changes depending on a person’s emotion ( like a chameleon). Right now it’s melancholy.


reference > vintage botanical posters



Character Design Progress


w/o the halo at the back





3. archangel – an angel of the highest rank


Three guardians:


  • Helps escorting people on earth to the utopia
  • To me utopia is almost like a heaven but in my world its the place for the victimized or for those who suffered from unfairness so I thought it would be nice if there’s a guardian who listens to their personal stories and burdens when they enter the place – people come to this place after death and there’s always a tragic loss
  • Talks to the guardians of hell (dystopia)

2. Gardener / keeper

  • Takes care of all the plants and the environment. Also controls weather that’s best for the special plant species that only lives in this space (utopia). Maintains and keeps the heavenly environment

3. Protector

  • Protects utopia from enemies and all the exterior obstacles.
  • uses weapon


Goal for next week

Finish initial sketches of the three characters and really study in depth about them (both outer and inner side of the character). And as a final step, I’m planning to maybe combine the landscape and the character in one scene if time allows. But right now I want to focus on creating solid characters.

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