5 Key Words Project

This assignment consisted of bringing forth several words that we use to describe our art. This meant, using very concise and specific words that could bring our art together in so few elements to describe it. My words chosen were very specific to my art and are explained below why I chose these particular words.

My piece (shown below) is a drawing of two women looking straight at the viewer as a cartoon-styled piece. The reason for the cartoon styled piece with very little color is to support my idea of imperfections/flaws in humans. I believe everyone should strive towards perfection as well as accept the fact that we shall never attain this perfect. This is due to the fact I feel as though people have become too comfortable with their flaws (however bad they maybe) and in some cases we should not fall so easily into this idea of comfort with ourselves. I feel as though some people as much as they may be a bad person would be able tell themselves that they are good and comfort themselves into thinking otherwise – this is the main idea I try to go against, this is the main concept within my pieces.

My pieces are generally conceptual and have darker themes such as stated in my 5 key words. The dark/cynical idea behind this piece is the lack or morality people seem to have and how I attempt to expose this immorality and prevent automatic comfort with themselves. The use of repetition in this piece (also in many other of my pieces) is very simply, in order to emphasize the concept or main message I try to deliver through my art.

My pieces are not usually cartoon-styled and this is why I chose the word ‘experimental’ as one of my key words – I am always open to trying new things and as an example of this is through not only my visual piece but also discovering new concepts to portray in my pieces.

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