Beds Post: Class Quilt

This assignment consisted of taking places that we’ve slept in and representing it in a quilt square. Therefore, we could take it more symbolically, maybe literally, but something touching upon the idea of a bed we have slept in. The quilt squares will then come together with all the rest of the classes square and have all sorts of stories and meanings behind each square. Our first step was simply making a mind map of many different places where we’ve slept in (shown below):


Our second step was then taking this mind map and choosing two specific scenarios and sketching out quickly how we pictured this place in our minds. I chose my own bedroom and a tent I slept in when I went to a festival. I chose these two because my bed is a very important part of my life/childhood and I thought I should choose this one. I then chose the festival because this was a very memorable time in my life and something I want to keep remembering (shown below):

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Finally, we chose places we slept in and made them into a quilt. I once again chose these two for the importance of the story behind it.

My first quilt square consisted of very simply, sewing small hearts in the corner of the square (as shown below):


The reason I did little hearts in the corner was to show a version of what my blanket looked like as a child. This is the represent my old bed that I’ve had for years and still had my blankets from when I was a kid with hearts on it. It shows a youthful and simplistic impression.

My second quilt square consisted of sketching tents (similarly to the quick sketch I made) and making it into a quilt square (shown below):


As mentioned before, one of my fondest memories was sleeping in this tent during a festival. This is why I chose this particular scenario.


My process for my first quilt square (with the hearts) consisted of simple sewing the hearts together at the bottom, although I had never sewn before, I did what I could.


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The process for my second quilt square (with the tents)  was mainly painting, but I also sewed together a white and black piece of fabric to make the slight contrast that is shown in the image. The reason I chose this contrast of white and black was to symbolically represent day and night, since of course we were sleeping and experience both day and night obviously.

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