Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Most ‘New York’ Scene

The scene that reminded me most of New York which I found timelessly relatable was towards the start of the film where the main character steps out of her apartment and whistles for a cab. This scene is a typical experience for whoever lives in New York: calling a cab in a hurry. It is something you do with great confidence and rapidity to get to wherever you’re going. The other reason this reminded me greatly of New York were the surroundings. The buildings around her whilst she is calling the cab is distinctly associated with New York. Those distinctive steps she comes down from as soon as she goes out of the building, the continuous apartment  buildings around her, the constant people and cars passing by them. All these qualities imply New York, a big city. But what makes it specific to NY from being just any other big city are the apartment buildings:

the way they are set out and the specific steps to them clearly show that its not just some suburban neighborhood, the constant buildings around them also supports this idea and all these things come together showing the audience specifically the ‘New York’ quality.


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