Defining Place: Final DRAFT

Defining Place: Structure for final essay – Place of healing after catastrophe


  1. First paragraph:

Introduce ideas:

  • Firstly begin describing how I have interpreted ‘a place of healing’. à Somewhere subconsciously we feel comfort (smells, textures, shapes, colours). Maybe describe personally what triggers comfort for me.
  • Introduce the importance of the subconscious quality of comfort. How sometimes we aren’t comfortable and we can’t pinpoint the reason etc.


  1. Second paragraph:

Introducing MEMORY:

  • Talk about memories and the correlation between happy memories and sad memories (similarities between different memories, who was there/what was there, colours, smells…)
  • Talk about why these memories are remembered as oppose to any other ones.
  • Research things to do with memory in combination with the place.
  • Conclude that everyone’s memories will require different place of comfort, but get general idea’s and incorporate them into this physical place/model we will create.


  1. Third Paragraph

How seasons affect memories:

  • Talk about personal experience with memories in winter as oppose to summer.
  • Research why these two experiences differ.
  • Show the biological aspect of this (vitamin d deficiency in winter causes different feeling therefore a different memory)
  • Go into lighting specifically – how it affects you.


  1. 4. Fourth Paragraph


  • Research what lights affect you in what way
  • How I incorporated the light in my piece
  • Keeping in mind people are different in eachother and each person will respond to their own way (I will show a general idea).



Sum up my ideas to do with every aspect of a room and how this will trigger a sense of comfort/healing after a catastrophe based off of memories and feelings from all the senses.


Physical representation description:

My physical piece will include two small spaces built with different lighting textures and colours based off of my research and personal experience and attempt to show two different experiences and what memories will be triggered from these two differing places.

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