Washington square park: Defining place

After internationals women day, Washington square park appeared very lonely. Although I was not there, I saw photos and I saw peoples dedication to their beliefs come together. It seemed as though people were no longer needed there and felt they had done their job. Washington square park in itself has always been a beautiful famous New York park. It is usually very full during sunny days and always full of people playing instruments etc. During women’s day, I saw through social media how this truly came to the height of the level of people in this day, to the point the next day it felt abnormal not seeing this mass of people as I expected to.


Although the weather was not at its best which also added to this idea of emptiness, it felt as though the community had agreed upon when to go and when not to go – it showed a beautiful sense of involvement within everyones lives, even more than just ‘coexisting’. Despite the fact I could not attend, I felt very present that day and the next felt like it was missing.

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