Project 1 Studio

My spaces both represent a physical interpretation of the idea of ‘intimacy’ or ‘play’ as well as an area in which these acts can be performed. My concept for play consisted of a correlation I made with vulnerability, I got to this idea through thinking about the mindset of a child, which is the most common association made with the word play, and concluding that children often are vulnerable to their surroundings, they have very little protection, are being watched yet simultaneously act as they please. This was the idea I attempted to represent through these linear openings shown in my spaces, the variation and cube shapes were added in order to create more potential for a playful atmosphere. The linear pattern is both an opening in order to see inside and allow light entry, and the enclosed side allows the space to be more concrete.

My idea behind intimacy reflected key terms such as stability & openness. I chose to expose this through the small openings which are relatively hidden (therefore protected from the outside), yet allow for a lot of light entry for the space. The idea of stability is represented by making a strong structure out of a similarly strong material. The openings (or spaces) within my piece are small and therefore do not create big subtractions, this was in attempt to emphasize the stability in my structure.

Both of these are connected at the small opening which merely changes the pattern variation, yet allows for unnoticed physical change in both spaces, and simply a change in atmosphere is apparent.

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