Field Trip Materiality & Assembly


  • Shoes built entirely by hand from natural materials
  • Produced in limited numbers
  • Made with a mixture of plywood for display, birch (for the tables), and Douglas fur.The linearity of the space is continuous throughout the entire store and the light colours create a very soft effect. The windows allow a lot of natural light which also add to the soft effect. I particularly enjoyed the clean and organized effect that was created as well as how the store follows through with this concept.


Apple Store:

The Apple Store combines perfectly with the items sold within this store, due to their simplistic approach through the use of white and glass staircase etc. it works in harmony with the products sold. They used laminated glass and wood for the tables in order to create this very minimalist geometrical appearance.


Prada Store:

The Prada store had a lot more organic/natural shaped elements and used a lot of different materials (wood, metals, glass) in order to create this effect. They had a large rounded ramp in the middle of the store which was made out of wood and many different stands to show their products, which unlike the previous stores was a much more intricate approach to design.


Camper Store:

This store has linoleum flooring & wood tables (with a painted finish). The colours used are very strong which allow for a lot of direct attention towards the projects. Despite the colours being strong the layout is fairly minimal.

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