Kayla Areglado

Communication Design Student, 2022

IS2: Research Table Greatest Hits

A lot of the readings that we had this semester opened up new perspectives for me in the way I think and analyze certain topics. For a lot of the responses, I tried as much as possible to incorporate my perspective as an international student coming from a different background from everyone else in the way I analyzed the readings. A lot of the readings tackled topics and issues that were never talked about in my old school or even at home in general, so I have grown a lot in terms of how I understand things. I’ve become so much more aware of the severity and relevance of social issues in everyday life thank to some of the readings we talked about in class. I hope to be able to carry everything I learned in the next few years and also back home to my friends and family who don’t get see things in the same way I do know.


Greatest Hits

aregk337 • May 14, 2019

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