Kayla Areglado

Communication Design Student, 2022

IS2: Research Table Greatest Hits

A lot of the readings that we had this semester opened up new perspectives for me in the way I think and analyze certain topics. For a lot of the responses, I tried as much as possible to incorporate my perspective as an international student coming from a different background from everyone else in the…

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Cross-Course Reflection

I came to New York from Manila, Philippines. I grew up in a family that consisted of many businessmen and women, two three doctors, and an engineer, and in a conservative, close-minded culture where a career in the arts is unconventional. I applied to seven universities in total, four of which are in the Philippines…

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IS2 Bridge 3: Annotated Bibliography

RESEARCH QUESTION How has the existence of Philippine aswang shaped the cultural practices and traditions being passed on in the country?   ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY “A Compendium of Creatures & Mythical Beings from Philippine Folklore & Mythology.” The Aswang Project. February 22, 2016. https://www.aswangproject.com/creatures-mythical-beings-philippine-folklore-mythology/. This online article gives descriptions on over 260 mythical creatures from Philippine mythology and…

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IS2 Bridge 2: Mapping a Space

TRANSCEND By Kayla Areglado Integrative Studio/Seminar 2 Bridge Project 2: Mapping a Space What defines the greatness of a craft? Is it a concept or idea – the foundation and narrative that works are built upon? Is it the artist – the driving force that converts theory to reality? Or is it the impact of…

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IS2 Zine & Archive Visit: Broadway’s Longest Running Shows

Broadway shows have always been fascinating to me – with the artistry that goes into the stage, the talent and hard work of the cast, and the musical scores that somehow perfectly match the narrative. I want my zine to revolve around the world of broadway, with particular emphasis on its longest running shows like The…

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IS2 Bridge 1 Final: Chindōgu Culture Jam

CREATIVE BRIEF   One of the hardest things a person can do is to let go of something they have had for so long. For some people, that may be a blanket they have held on to since their infant years; for some, a cultural or religious practice they no longer believe in; and for…

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IS2 Bridge 1 Process: Chindōgu Culture Jam

After spending some time with my partner, we came up with a list of everyday problems she encounters, including forgetting to drink water, getting cold hands, sleeping too late at night, and a few others. The one that struck me the most was her nail-biting problem, something that I struggled with since I was little…

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IS2 Bridge 1: Chindogu Brainstorming

IDEA 1: WATER ALARM CLOCK The first Chindogu idea that came into my mind after meeting my partner was one that addresses the fact that she forgets to drink water very frequently. With this in mind, I thought of creating an alarm clock of sorts that reminds its user to drink water, an idea that…

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