Kayla Areglado

Communication Design Student, 2022

The Year in Visual Culture: “Black Death Spectacle” – Parker Bright and Hannah Black

On March 17, 2017, emerging artist Parker Bright walked into the Whitney Museum and stood in front of a Dana Schutz painting “Open Casket ” wearing a shirt that had “BLACK DEATH SPECTACLE” written. Because the painting was an abstracted image of 14-year-old racist-lynch victim Emmett Till, prompted a national debate on who has the right…

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IS2 Bridge 3: Proposal and Image Archive

Philippine folklore has a plethora of creatures and supernatural beings that, after a series of reinterpretation and passing on through generations, conceive superstitions that are used in different regions of the country as bases for spiritual and cultural practices. Through Philippine folklore, stories of the aswang have instilled fear to young and old alike. Aswang…

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IS2 Bridge 2: Mapping a Space

TRANSCEND By Kayla Areglado Integrative Studio/Seminar 2 Bridge Project 2: Mapping a Space What defines the greatness of a craft? Is it a concept or idea – the foundation and narrative that works are built upon? Is it the artist – the driving force that converts theory to reality? Or is it the impact of…

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Objects and Artwork from IS2 Cooper Hewitt Visit

There were many pieces displayed at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum that fascinated me, but the exhibits that I found the most mesmerizing were Saturated : The Allure and Science of Color and The Road Ahead: Reimagining Mobility.   Saturated: The Allure and Science of Color examines color, how it informs perception, and how it is reflected in the…

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Lost Book Found: Film Viewing

Within the first few minutes of the film, I was already drawn to the mellow voice that guides the film. There was something about the voice that almost made it seem like the narrator’s voice was from a distant memory in my head; and I immediately visualize laying in bed at 2AM with a friend…

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IS2 Zine & Archive Visit: Broadway’s Longest Running Shows

Broadway shows have always been fascinating to me – with the artistry that goes into the stage, the talent and hard work of the cast, and the musical scores that somehow perfectly match the narrative. I want my zine to revolve around the world of broadway, with particular emphasis on its longest running shows like The…

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IS2 Artist Presentation: Nevercrew


IS2 Bridge 1 Final: Chindōgu Culture Jam

CREATIVE BRIEF   One of the hardest things a person can do is to let go of something they have had for so long. For some people, that may be a blanket they have held on to since their infant years; for some, a cultural or religious practice they no longer believe in; and for…

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IS2 Bridge 1 Process: Chindōgu Culture Jam

After spending some time with my partner, we came up with a list of everyday problems she encounters, including forgetting to drink water, getting cold hands, sleeping too late at night, and a few others. The one that struck me the most was her nail-biting problem, something that I struggled with since I was little…

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