Kayla Areglado

Communication Design Student, 2022

Drawing Through the Making Center: “Held at Sea” – Final Project

This project begun with a visit to MoMA’s exhibition entitled “The Long Run”. The class was asked to see the exhibit and create a final project that reflected our reaction to one or more of pieces in the exhibit.   I was really drawn to Philip Guston’s “Sea”, which is a lithograph piece that he…

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Drawing Through the Making Center: Myths and Legends (Printmaking)

This assignment is meant to be our interpretations of myths and legends that we selected from given readings. We were given an introduction on etching as a method for printmaking, and from there, we were to make out own plates for printing.   For my myth, I chose the story of “Orpheus and Eurydice”, and…

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Drawing Through the Making Center: Built Metropolis

For this project, we were given the assignment of reinterpreting a building in Greenwich Village that caught our attention in clay. I chose to do the Our Lady of Guadalupe at St. Bernard’s Church in Chelsea because I was attracted to its ornate exterior. Upon doing more research on the place, I found out that…

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Drawing Through the Making Center: Transparent Illusions

This assignment calls for the integration of 2D digital art and the natural world through the creation of illusions through stickers. We were asked to create black and white drawings to be realized as stickers on clear vinyl, and these stickers would then be stuck to a window where the images would blend in with…

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Laser Cut Jewelry: Drawing Through the Making Center

For our first project in the elective Drawing Through the Making Center, we made use of Adobe Illustrator and the laser lab to create custom-made jewelry for a client/partner in class. After the project was introduced to us, we were assigned partners in class and we each interviewed each other on our preferences for jewelry….

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