Bridge 3: Mood Board and Concept

Project description:

In this project, I am going to show my mood board detailing my ideas and inspirations for the final garment, and I chose  a topic from the Fashion Topic Menu.

Fashion Topic Menu: Gender (Femininity)

Research direction: How does black work on dress code of rising woman’s power and self-consciousness?

Main idea: Black in Fashion have multiple meanings, to such extend it pushes the history of art and social status of woman during the 19th-20th century because the use of the colour itself changed from a negative meaning to something diversified and female wear black rise their power and self consciousness, last but not least, black become a popular colour wear in daily life, which is totally different comparing with the past.

Mood board:

Inspiration: (Unknown designer, online photos)


Material ideas: Skeleton, flowers(red), black fabric.

Thank you for reading!

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