Visualize Your Senses

When I was young, my parents would give me dried plums when I got carsick or whenever I completed my work. I tried to convey my sense (which is a sour taste) from my past through morphing pictures together on photoshop. I found an old sketch I drew that is a self portrait when I was carsick and trimmed it on photoshop, along with trash bags that I took pictures of to make it more clear that it was related to carsickness. To illustrate the instant satisfaction I got from carsickness and pictures that I also took of my books and paper to show completed work, I also edited pictures of dried prunes to make them look like the specific dried plums my parents or grandparents gave me. Adding on to that, I contrasted the colors of the plums by making the other trimmed pictures black and white, while making the plums vibrant to show the satisfying sour taste that the plums gave me when I was sick, and as a reward.

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