Mindmap (final)

I started off with listing all the five senses to compare and contrast by listing the most memorable senses between China and NYC. I explored my options, and realized that smell stood out to me the most. In china, I usually smell incense everywhere, pollution, Chinese street food, old damp walls, and cigarettes. Whereas in NYC I noticed how strong the smell of trash, pee, and baked foods were especially when I am on my way walking to school. While I focused on smell, I started to remember how my parents would usually take me to the cemetery to burn incense when we visit our great grandparents to “make the evil spirits go away); in NYC I smelt the smell of incense from an indie store that I walked past that reminded me of home. I wanted to create my visual presentation based on not only the different and similar smells between China and NYC, but also the smell of incense that elicits a memory back home in China.

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