Storyboard (process)

For my storyboard, I took pictures from the internet and also had a friend take pictures of myself. I decided to compare the smell of incense to what I smelt in New York by setting my first 7 frames that I was going to take in Chinatown. After I presented the storyboard in class, I got some advice to change the transition and also think about new ideas to make the difference between China and NYC more apparent and creative. What I decided to change was not only changing the transition to think of a more creative idea, but I also decided to add more frames in the beginning in Chinatown to even out the smells in China to the pee and trash I smell in NYC. To create a smooth transition for my final visual presentation, I decided that I was going to edit my pictures on PS to make it look old as if it was from the past. On top of that, I also decided that I am going to delete the 8th frame and one of the frames is going to be the smoke fading in chinatown and a frame after of light smoke coming out of a food truck to resemble the smell of baked goods in NYC while creating a polished transition.

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