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Through my group Studio 1: Fake project, Forgeries, my group and I created a fake artist named Sebastien Ross for which we curated a mock art show for.  We each made several Sebastian Ross-esque art pieces in the midst of researching our inspirational artist, Eva Rothschild.  We were inspired by her show at 303 Gallery in Chelsea, which became the basis of our project and writing for Seminar.


The pieces photographed above are the artworks I created for project, inspired by Rothschild’s work.  The circle piece was modeled after Rothschild’s “Half Sun.”  To create my piece, I layered ribbons of different textures and widths together by tying the black ones on top to the different ones on bottom, and taping them all into place with double-sided tape onto the circle I cut out.  To fit the moody tone of our group’s art show, I kept the colors on the darker side to create a moon effect versus Rothschild’s “Half Sun.”  I used ribbons in the egg shaped art pieces as well, and I played with the three-dimensionality of the shapes that Rothschild’s work deals with.  The eggs required lots of layering and careful shaping as well to achieve the desired look I was going for.


Overall, I was pleased with the way our group project came together, and I feel like our group dynamic allowed for us to truly showcase our different interests and talents in one cohesive project.



Sebastien Ross FAKE ARTIST Louis-208w8y1

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