My project began with this initial heart pattern, which I developed in class.  While it started as an experiment with Illustrator, which I opened for the first time in class that week, I kept working on the heart until I was happy with the shape.  I like the openness of the heart, which ended up going along swell with my overall project.  From then, I created a pattern in Illustrator and used it as the foundation for my project.


From then on, I began researching inspirational artwork images to launch my project off from.  I was introduced to the Artstor resource in class, which intrigued me to delve deeper into as a resource I could utilize for this project.  I browsed through The Broad’s art collection online, then went back to Artstor and searched for pieces by one of my favorite artists, Ed Ruscha.  I gathered four pieces initially, three from Ed Ruscha and one from Barbara Kruger, that were the basis of my project for a while.  I had a hard time feeling satisfied with my project in this state and kept moving the layout around, rotating the pattern and shrinking it and then expanding it, so went back to Artstor several days later to continue researching for more inspiration and content.


Another source of inspiration was my mood board I created in my sketchbook for my project.  I was heavily inspired by writing as an art form.  I scrolled through my tumblr blog to find quotes that really spoke to me that I could apply to my project mood board.  My sketchbook page started with the Barbara Kruger piece I found on a postcard at the Strand Bookstore, and then I began layering some of my stickers with the quotes I pulled from my tumblr.  I kept going and going, adding more stickers and more quotes until I felt happy with the amount of words and images I poured onto the page.  I wanted the page to feel personal, as if it’s a page from my own journal.  I sought to reflect a similar feeling that my sketchbook evokes, combined with a similar color scheme, with my project.


My project felt like a journey in and of itself.  I discovered how to use Illustrator a little, and toggled between Photoshop for the images and my gradient, and then back to Illustrator.  I like that where I started on this project turned out vastly different from the end result, and I feel accomplished in creating something I’m proud of that I didn’t know I was capable of.  As a whole, my project reflects the pile of emotions I’ve been feeling as a growing 19 year-old girl living in New York City.  I’m still learning so much about myself and what I want, my city, and my friends with each day.  Art and writing are such powerful tools of communication for me, so I let those two speak for me through what I created.  I cannot always put into words what I am feeling or trying to process through, so I wanted to create something that tries and communicate for me.  I tried not to think of how people would perceive the “message” that may come across when someone else looks at my work, but instead I just wanted to create something for myself.  Through colors, pattern, and text, I sought to marry how colors and words influence how I experience feeling.


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  1. mattisd · March 26, 2018 Reply

    Kelsey, I appreciate that you only selected the works from one collection; The Broad. Nice job.

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