Cross-Course Reflection

Welcome to my first year learning portfolio reflection piece.  Here on my learning portfolio, I have documented several of my projects from different courses, detailing the process and outcome.  

Across my work, I try to play upon my strengths when figuring out how to approach an assigned project.  And for me, I enjoy photography and collage best.  I think that my skills that I’ve learned over the years, in addition to those I have learned through my first year, easily carry from course to course.  I feel like the Parsons first year experience introduced me to a lot of new skills and material that I had not previously explored.  I was able to experiment with several different projects that allowed me to grow in my abilities and what I thought I could do prior to trying something new.  For example, I had very little drawing experience before coming to Parsons.  Additionally, I was able to explore some personal writing in my seminar classes this year.  As a whole, I was continually pushed outside of my comfort zone with my projects, so I worked within my strengths at the same time to create something I could be proud of in the end.

I think some highlights of my work this year include my work across my Integrative Studio 2: Fashion course.  I think that only having three projects running throughout the course was perfect in order to allow enough time to formulate my ideas and create strong projects.  I began the semester just coming back from Europe, which is where I drew inspiration from to create my first collage.  I gained new Photoshop skills through this project, whereas I would usually create an analog collage.  Using Photoshop for this project allowed me to manipulate the sizes of the images easily and move around the images and layers continuously.  I am happy with the corresponding seminar writing I created for this project, which centers around my object I jumped off from starting this project. I really pushed my boundaries in this piece to grasp a deeper understanding myself as a writer.  Personal writing is pretty foreign to me after growing up writing analytical writing in school, and it intrigues me.  Then, I kept the element of collage running through my studio projects, including my second project where I embroidered a tie, and for my final project I am currently creating.  

Looking forward, I know I will delve deeper into courses more aligned with my major, Strategic Design and Management, but I still know I can and want to learn more about collage and photography.  When something sparks my interest, I want to execute it to the best of my abilities, researching all about the topic and how I can nurture my skills.  

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