History of Fashion Final Paper Proposal

I found inspiration from my grandparent’s wedding portrait from November of 1967, where my grandmother was wearing this darling yellow headband.  It got me thinking of the current rising popularity of hair accessories today, and how hair accessories have fallen in and out of popularity throughout fashion history.  With Blair Waldorf headband references popping up across nearly every fashion blog and pervading Instagram, as well as high fashion hair accessories coming off recent runway shows in the last year, hair accessories have once again been made desirable.

I not only found interest in my grandma’s wedding headband from an emotional perspective, but a historical context as well.  I began researching 1960s style, and found a striking resemblance between my grandma’s wedding outfit and Cecil Beaton’s photograph of Twiggy for Vogue from the same year my grandparents were married, 1967.  The short, A-line dress, the short hairstyle, and ballet flats are quite iconic of the time.  At large, I began thinking of 60s style and the influence of Jackie Onassis Kennedy and the lasting impact she’s had on fashion history.  Specifically within the realm of hair accessories, Jackie was fond of headscarves, especially silk Hèrmes scarves, to protect her hairstyle and elevate her outfits.

Both hair accessories and 60s/70s style are elements within fashion history I resonate with.  As a child, I had a different headband for each day and coordinating ribbons for my ponytails.  Further, I identify with the Twiggy-esque look and favor the classic, elegant look Jackie O’ set the standard for.  Images of Jackie O’ evoke a strong narrative to me, and I feel like there’s so much to delve into from the lens of 60s/70s style from Jackie O’s lasting impact.  For my final paper, I’m still weighing both options, of either analyzing hair accessories throughout fashion history, or analyzing 60s/70s style from the perspective of Jackie O.


My grandparent’s wedding, November 1967


Twiggy photographed by Cecil Beaton, 1967


Jackie Onassis Kennedy photographed by Roland Schoor, 1970


Jackie Onassis Kennedy from PA Photos


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