1960s Style: A Swinging Sign of the Times

For my final research paper for History of Fashion I chose to analyze 1960s style from the vantage point of my grandparent’s wedding portrait from November of 1967, focusing on my grandma Melissa’s short shift dress and coordinating butter yellow headband and shoes. I delved into the cultural and political influences that manifested in the fashion of the decade, while also addressing the youth culture and trends that resulted throughout the decade. The sixties were a dense era in fashion history, which is why I honed-in my analysis to pertain to the influences I identified in my grandma Melissa’s wedding ensemble.  Her outfit screams the 60s from its more relaxed and shorter silhouette that takes a sharp turn from Dior’s New Look that dominated the previous decade.  Ranging from the rise in visual culture in the 1960s that increased the speed at which trends spread, to the advent of birth control that begun to spur a sexual revolution for women, to the baby boomer generation that saw the Youthquake culture affect fashion, to the popularity of Twiggy and Jaqueline Onassis Kennedy in shaping fashion trends, the sixties were not only an iconic decade, but one that still pervades into popular culture in the 21st century for its ability to transcend regimented gender roles, while also evoking a sense of power in fashion having a more soft look.

Fashion History Research Paper

My grandparent’s wedding, November 1967

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