This was a result of one of my studio projects from my first semester. We had to experience Washington Square Park with our eyes closed for 10 minutes then with headphones in for 10 minutes. While observing we were to write down what we saw or heard and a common theme I noticed in both exercises was that people we constantly walking. When my eyes were closed I could really hear peoples footsteps. I could tell what kind of shoes they were wearing and how fast they were walking. And while I had my headphones in I could see that more people were passing through the park rather than stopping to stay. Something I also noticed was that almost everyone was on their cellphones. So for our project, we had to make a visual representation of what we saw and heard. I decided to combine my two most common observations, walking, and cell phones. So I made a collage of different types of shoes in photoshop. I made three different layers of colors grey, green, and blue representing the sky, grass, and concrete seen in Washington Square Park. From there I divided it up into nine different pieces that would fit perfectly onto a smartphone screen. Then I airdropped a different part of the collage to each of my classmates and made them put together my image. They had a hard time putting it together because their phone screens would dim when they would step back to look at the bigger picture which was my intention because I wanted them to see how controlling the phones are in our lives. Phones demand so much of our attention it’s like we can’t survive without them. I think they are a great resource and tool for us to have but think we rely on them too much. That is why I decided to make my final piece for this project interactive to serve a larger meaning which is something I think art is all about, sending a message to the audience through visually appealing images.