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flower arch photograph

This is probably one of my favorite pictures of all time. It is my computer screen saver and the cover photo for my portfolio. I took this picture at Lewis Strawberry Farms about two years ago with my iPhone 6… Continue Reading →

geometric sketches

These are the sketches that helped me create my nesting geometric dome. The 2D sketches were done first then were followed by the 3D sketches. I think these show my abilities with a pencil and paper. These were also made with the… Continue Reading →

interactive phone collage

This was a result of one of my studio projects from my first semester. We had to experience Washington Square Park with our eyes closed for 10 minutes then with headphones in for 10 minutes. While observing we were to… Continue Reading →

bullet necklace at the beach

Not the best pictures ever taken of me but here is me wearing my one and only Half United bullet necklace. I got my HU bullet birthday over a year ago on my 18th birthday. I have been following Half United for… Continue Reading →

rainbow cubes

Here are six different cubes that I hand drew and painted in my free time. I think color variations of light and dark are essential to design in general but I find them particularly moving. The colors also give the cubes… Continue Reading →

noguchi mood boards

Here are two mood boards I created for the Noguchi Museum in Queens. The first one is just an overall representation of the entire museum and the second one is a representation of specifically the room that you first walk… Continue Reading →

nesting hedrons

This piece was done recently for one of my classes called Space and Materiality. We explored how geometric shapes can be made with a compass. We also learned that in order for all the hedrons to nest perfectly you have to measure… Continue Reading →

this is kenna casto

Hi, my name is Kenna Casto! I am a nineteen-year-old product design major studying at Parsons School of Design in New York City. I am originally from Wilmington, North Carolina. My biggest passion is helping others and I hope to… Continue Reading →

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