The Beauty of Data Visualization (Assingment 7)

David McCandless discusses the beauty of data visualization in this Ted Talk. When reading a news article or even school textbook, I often find myself overwhelmed with data and new details mentioning either lots of names and dates or statistics. No matter how many bulleted notes I take of phrases I highlight or annotate, it can still be confusing to link key points together or create a clean and visual summary of the text that I just read. McCandless shows a variety of examples of graphs and maps that visualize date and statistics in a very engaging and mindful way. It is no longer the memorization of facts that have been highlighted in an article, but clear and precise summaries of important connections and points presented. They all have a link between them so why not present them as such, and not in separate points? The most important point was how easy it was to achieve data visualization and how it should be done with all information for the sake of a better and more clear understanding.

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