Future Space Materiality Trip

Future Space is a fabrication and design facility in East Williamsburg that is co-owned by 5 companies that design and create digital installations. The 5 companies are Studio Dave and Gabe, Gamma, Future Wife, Youngbuk Art Services, and Super AOK.

Gamma Digital Fabrication was centered around the CNC machine located in the center of Future Space. They work mostly with robotic machines that are computer operated, and fabricate pieces for installation. They work with a number of different materials, and showed us numerous samples from pressed cardboard to MDF and plastics.

Future Wife is owned by Beau Burrows, who talked to us about some of his past and current projects. He works on a lot of interactive and digital projects that involve touch and movement. He showed us a machine he made where needles move in and out of a box-shape, and create different waves and patterns, and can be controlled through an iPhone. He also showed us a high-tech camera that scanned the room and was able to put our bodies on a computer screen and detect our movements.

Youngbuk Art Services had a workshop in Futurespace, where they worked mostly on wood machines, and assisted in fabricating art installations for artists. They talked to us about the materials that they use and how they take artists ideas and bring them to life. They explained a show they did at the Armory show, which was just one example of where their work has been displayed.

Super AOK works with experimental photography. They had a really interesting camera that captured 3D photos that moved, so it looked like the objects were popping out. They said the camera has been used in a number of events such as the oscars and been brought to other countries.

I think going to Futurespace was valuable because it showed new and less traditional ways that things can be made and thought of. I think using some of these more futuristic techniques applied in an interior setting would be really interesting, and make for really cool interactive designs.

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