MAD, David Robsenstein, David H Koch Theater, Alice Tully Hall


The exterior of the building is an example of a really successful restoration. There is fritted glass used to filter light, as well as glazed tile on most of the facade.

The interior of the building uses concrete, stone, metal, wood.

The flooring is different color and sized stones. The stair, which is the main focus of the interior, is suspended with steel wiring, giving the appearance of hanging. The backing of the stair is wood.



Materials used are limestone, concrete, brass fixtures and trimming.

The flooring is a concrete pour with sone chunks in it, making it a terrazzo, but on a much larger scale than typical. The floor is very textural, with a color scheme that flows with the rest of the space, but having a more rough texture.

The brass fixtures add a glamorous vibe to the space, which is enhanced by the rest of the area being very light colored and airy. The entire space feels very cohesive and matches with the theme of ballet and performance-feels very classy.



Materials used are stone, marble, felted panels, slate, limestone, plants.

This space has lots of interesting elements in every part of the atrium. The main focus is the green wall, bringing nature indoors. There is a polished stone fountain, and a ceiling filled with numerous oval-shaped skylights.

The overall feel of the space is very natural and serene. The use of natural materials and bringing green inside makes it feel very calm and relaxing.


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