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Project 2: Environmental Portrait

Final Outcome…

The final outcome of the project surprised me in a way. To be honest, I wasn’t at all motivated to work on this piece because I didn’t feel the connection to what I was doing. The entire process was a “to get it over with” type of idea; however, when I came close to the end (cropped and edited the images and prototyped it with a black frame), I was quite pleased with what I got to as a final outcome. I found it extremely weird to like the final outcome of a project while when looking back, I remember forcing myself to work on it. For me, it was usually the other way around.

Any feedback about the artwork is always helpful in a way, but I am glad that I didn’t take some of the suggestions that my classmates gave me. Since I told some of my peers that I don’t like the process of working on this piece, they have suggested various ways to move away from the idea, consequently changing the concept of the piece. I am glad I didn’t move away from my initial idea and continued to work on the piece even though I had to force myself because, in the end, I am satisfied with the outcome.

I think that collaboration with the subject of my artwork is extremely important because If I hadn’t seen her apartment/personal spaces, I wouldn’t be able to get this idea for the project. The fact that this project had clear instructions and a clear topic, made it easier to work with. It sort of gave a frame to work in which reduced the amount of “lost thoughts” and wondering of what to do.

As for the future, I think this piece would be stronger if I were to do more drawings with the same idea. In order to do that, I would need more images of the person’s, who I did this sort of environmental portrait on, space. This would also require additional time.

I decided to keep working with the initial sketches and I created 2 more. The drawings started forming sorts of complicated, chaotic little pieces which I felt like pursuing further. In order to keep the primary idea of color and messiness, and emphasize the chaoticness of the drawings, I cropped the images and played around with the contract of the images.

Although at first, I did want to use the original images, I ended up changing my mind. Due to the bad quality of paper that I’ve done the drawings on, they didn’t have the desired quality of brightness and contract.

After I’ve visited my partner’s apartment I had a certain view of her environment: colorful and slightly messy. So, I sketched parts of her room in a very unusual for me manner trying to portray the sort of messiness and the variety of colors I noticed at her apartment. Instead of starting the drawings with a pencil, proceeding to only one or maximum two chosen mediums, I went all in with the materials I had without paying attention to the straightness of lines.

First drawings…

I tried to adapt the “messy” style into my drawing technique, and portray that fascinating colorfulness of the environment by using bright colors.

As I came into my assigned partner’s apartment, the first thought that came into my mind was that there was a lot of stuff all over the place. As the interview went on, I have started to notice the objects scattered all over her closet, table, and the bed. Specifically, I was interested in the fact that everything was extremely colorful.

First pictures…

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