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Project 3: Retro-futurism

Final outcome…

On this project, I have worked with 3 other students: Gina, Simone, and Jonathan. Although, all 4 of us have a completely different point of view on art in general, the combination of our ideas has worked out pretty well. I am very happy with the final outcome of the project and the overall process was exciting rather than stressful which made it a pleasure to work on.

Overall, the final outcome turned out to be exactly what I imagined; however, if we had more time to work on the project, there are a couple of things I’d like to improve. For one, the images require more editing: make the brightness of the final images the same and emphasize the contrast even more. Also, I think the images would’ve worked better if we were to add more of them.


The overall process of the photo shoot was fun and exciting. Speaking from the side of walking in that outfit, at first I was extremely uncomfortable from all the surprised glances I got from people on the streets. Eventually, I became quite comfortable in the outfit and stopped paying attention to other people. When looked at some of the footage my group member took, I was shocked by how many people actually stopped what they were doing in order to take a picture of me.

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In total, we had finished our photoshoot day with over 400 images which made it extremely challenging to narrow them down to a few final images. Here are a couple examples of what we, as a group, thought were the strongest images.

Finished outfit elements…

Initially, we had the outfit idea planned out; however, some elements like the shirt/top came as a total surprise of how it will look.

Making process…

When we established how we were going to complete the project, we started creating elements to our retro-futuristic outfit.




As we got to the point of developing the idea further, it lacked focus and certain meaning. So we asked ourselves some questions that would provide the needed meaning for the project:

  • Can we predict the future?
  • Are we wrong about our current futuristic predictions? — Our inability/ability to predict the future, based on the past’s predictions.
  • What if a person who lived in 15th century Paris were to come alive again today?
  • Coming with 1960s expectations to nowadays, can a person adapt in the present future using expectations from the past?
  • What ways can we show how people back then were unable to predict the future, as well as we probably are? — Through having the objects from times back displayed in a way (maybe through video) that tells the viewer that difference that going to happen in our own future; we have to show our failure to predict the future through their inability; by filming a person from the past (with 1960s expectations) in now days Paris, can show that there is no definite answer to what the future will be like; show different scenarios of how our future could look like; show different wrong predictions of the future (maybe also right predictions)

The initial idea is to replicate the fashion that people about 50 years ago expected or predicted people in 2017 would wear and show it on the streets of Paris. We wanted to capture the reactions of people when they see a crazy outfit like this. However, the idea felt like it was not strong enough and required more thinking and brainstorming.

More inspiration…

Initial Ideas & inspiration…



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