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Exploring a Space



In order to fulfill the requirements of the assignment of exploring an 8 cubic meters space using 3 ingredients: space, body, and movement, we limited ourselves to a small bathroom where we could move around and draw out patterns using light, in addition to being limited by the space, we were also limited by time due to the use of shutter mode on our camera. The overall idea is to use our bodies as an instrument to create the movement of light in a limited space.

Inspired by the images shown above, we played around with the color of the light as well: covering the flashlight with a white paper gave the light a much clearer definition than when not covered with anything; placing our fingers over the flashlight created a tone of red/orange light. The challenging part of demonstrating this idea is to successfully capture a complex movement which is clearly seen to be made by a human.

We decided to use a wide lens camera to capture more of the space, and with slow shutter mode, we managed to capture the movement of the light we wanted.


These images are part of our project process since they are the ones that ended being not as successful due to the unwanted background and the excess of light.

After a long picture-taking process, we chose the strongest images from what had turned out. Here are some examples of images that we were thinking of using in our final project.


Final outcome…

After picking a couple off successful images, we decided to create a gif presentation from them. We tried to have the images lined up in a way that they correspond; however, due to the variety of movements, It was quite challenging.

Overall, I am satisfied with the final outcome because the process of the project was extremely fun and every image we took was exciting. Personally, I’ve never done anything similar to this so It was shocking for me to discover all the things you could do in a bathroom with an iPhone flashlight.

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