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Environmental portrait

October 19, 2017

Environmental portrait


Untidily Organized


She is one of those people whose physical appearance doesn’t coincide with the atmosphere that she prefers to be in. Starting from her choice of living in the world’s greatest cities like New York, Paris, and London, to clothes scattered all over the bed over floating with a bright color scheme; books and pencils were thrown into drawers in an unorganized fashion. The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” perfectly suits her because it’s not her physical appearance that defines who she is, but the objects that surround her and the overall environment she prefers to be in. However, the mess is only found in specific locations around the apartment which contradicts the idea of cleanliness and messiness; while being messy in her own spaces she tends to keep the overall apartment space tidy.

Taking a look at what cities she prefers to live in, the location of her apartment doesn’t correspond to her wishes. Although, she had mentioned that she loves the Parisian location that she is currently living in because It’s quiet and very local, as she said. As confusing as that sounds, sometimes her preferences can’t be categorized together because they remain at opposite ends of an argument, so to say. That is quite normal for a young adult to be experiencing new emotions and struggling to stick to a one-sided point of view.

She lives with a roommate and two other flatmates which makes it quite challenging to make the apartment personal. Although, the two closets that are placed right next to the typical API bed sheets, give quite a statement. The blast of colors vividly expresses the type of person she is: positive and outgoing. This pattern is found all over the apartment where she had the chance to “add her own touch”. The drawers with all the books, the shelf next to her bed, the kitchen, and the two wardrobes. While planning out her outfits for events such as a party, fashion show, or a fancy dinner, on daily basis clothes are found scattered all over her bed while choosing outfits to attend university classes.

Her environment can’t exactly be identified as tidy because some areas are neat, while some are extremely unorganized. It’s hard to identify the reasons behind that because she lives with three other girls, but her personal spaces are certainly unorganized. A person’s environment is completely altered by the person himself, so she lives how she wants to and that also highlights her confidence. In a way, it demonstrates that she is one of those people who doesn’t care what anybody else thinks, she cares about what she thinks about herself.

Compared to the unorganized drawers and the blast of color in the closet, her sketchbook is kept in quite a tidy manner with little or no color. Currently in her “perfect”, preferred age, 18, other than striving at making new friends and partying all night long, she sees this age of life as an opportunity to explore the world, not worry about making mistakes, and take all presented in life opportunities. While living life without thinking of any circumstances, she knows exactly what she wants to be in the future. Although she knows that she wants to become a successful fashion designer, she likes to keep her sketchbook hidden. That seems slightly unusual for an aspiring fashion designer who knows her exact plans for the future.

As one of the typical characteristics of an 18-year-old young adult who is in the middle of her university experience, she acquires the desire for unforgettable nightlife experiences. As a collection of wine bottles neatly stacked on the living room heater, with the cigarette packs stuck to one of Eiffel tower images on the same wall. However, unlike other students that also have the desire to lead an extravagant nightlife, she prefers to spend a weekend day touring around Paris with her sketchbook, attending various museums, and having a quiet lunch maybe with a couple of friends, yet that doesn’t stop her from experiencing the Parisian nightlife to its fullest. It seems to be the perfect attitude for any university student: getting the best of both worlds.

Walking into her bedroom, the one item that seems to be her favorite part of her wardrobe is thrown straight on the floor: the pink, floral backpack. The one object that is always with her at school, is also the first thing to see when walking into her room. In addition, a silver, with a little spark of pink, raincoat is hung neatly in one of her closets. These two pieces of wardrobe stand out from the overall picture of the closet.

It’s been said that there are two types of people in this world with two completely opposite personalities. Whether an introverted or an extroverted person, organized in terms of goals/plans or spontaneous; the population is believed to be split into only two types of people. Even so, she is the living proof of an existing combination of both. While being outgoing and friendly, she remains concentrated on her goals. While throwing clothes all over the place, the mess can only be found in her own spaces and the sketchbook is kept clean. When looking from a certain perspective, some might think that she is strange, but from another – very unusual. Consequently, her name speaks about it as well: she is not Ava with and “E”, but Ava with an “A”.

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