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Project 4: Remake

Final outcome…

The idea of this project was to recreate the images from the “Funny Face” film from the most popular film stills with Audrey Hepburn The reason why we chose these particular images is because we thought they were the most recognizable amongst the viewers, and that was a very important part of the project.

On this project, I worked with Gabriella, Gina, and Ava. We all worked together to work out the idea as accurate as possible and worked all day to get the perfect images on the day we shot the images. The overall process of this project was fun to work on, I am glad we chose this subject.

For the presentation, we decided to show the images on 2 different laptops so that they are next to each other and the viewer can compare the remake vs. the original. Although not everybody in the class knows this movie, during the presentation, those who did could clearly see the connection between the 2 versions on the same image and that was the main goal of this project.

Although, I am not very proud of the editing of the images and the fact that the effects are not how they are on the originals, that is something that is based on the setting. When the film was taken, the Louvre wasn’t full of people and the lights were dimmed; the opera had guards, etc. Some scenes were impossible to replicate.


After an entire day of photo shooting we came up with around 400-500 hundred images that looked very similar one to another, making it difficult to choose only 4 for the final version of the remake.


After watching the film and looking for possible scenes to replicate, we decided to go with these four pictures. We felt like these are the most well-known film stills which would make our remakes recognizable.



Initial ideas…

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