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Fall Semester Reflection

  • What was most interesting? Why?
    • At first I felt that the project had way too vague instructions; however, after a month of going to class, I realized that that’s not a negative thing. I started liking the fact that I had the freedom to do what I wanted for the project, which made this course exciting and I had the motivation to complete every single project.
  • What did you learn?
    • I’ve never done creative group projects, so that was something new and challenging for me. It was nice to get the feeling of working on artistic projects in a group to get the feeling of how it might be in the future.
  • Highlights from my work this semester
    • I think that the most memorable event/process for the project is Project 3: Retro-futurism because the photo shoot day was extremely fun. The fact that I had to walk around Paris wearing ridiculous, aluminum foil clothing, made the entire process funny (especially when we sat down as a group to choose pictures for the final presentation).   The second-best memory is Project 1: Dérive because since it was the first exploring project, and I was new to the city, it was exciting to explore Paris in a more detailed way. The overall highlight of this course was collaborating with my classmates on creative work, which is a first for me. I think it’s great that we get the chance to work together and combine our creative ideas.

  • What aspects of the course were most meaningful? Challenging?
    • At first, the project assignments seemed too hard, but I guess that was because I’ve never asked questions like “what does this mean? why are you doing this?” after completing my projects; I’ve never explained the reasoning behind my artwork.
  • How did I grow over the course?
    • I definitely learned to organize myself better, especially when I worked with a group and they counted on me to finish a part of the project. I also think that I’ve learned to display my work in a way that represents it the best, because, again, I’ve never really thought about it before.
  • Did the skills or ideas covered in this course connect to another course you have taken?
    • I think that all the course I’ve had this semester have taught me something that I’ve used in a different class. Things like group interaction on creative work and organization were the two definite things that I learned from this studio class.
  • What aspects of the course would you like to explore in the future?
    • I would definitely like to work with a group of creative people in the future because I think that the work turns out looking more professional and the idea is more developed.


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