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IS1 Musem Visit

Artist: Sophie Calle

Title: *Unknown*

Museum: Musee de la Chasse et la Nature







Why did you choose this particular work?

Compared to other pieces in this exhibition, this one stood out to me the most. I think it’s very interesting because as you walk in this white cloth on the photograph strikes the viewer straight away. at first, from far away, I thought that this was an installation piece and that the cloth is not in the photograph but placed in front; however, I was wrong. That’s what got me interested.


What is the meaning of this work in your opinion?

To be honest, since I don’t know French I couldn’t read the story behind this image and after hours of research, I haven’t found any description of this piece. So, I can only wonder what is the actual meaning of this artwork. Maybe it’s a dead animal behind the white cloth that is ready to be opened at an installation, or it’s a completely different “sculpture” underneath that will surprise the viewer if opened.


How does this work relate to the permanent collection of the museum and/or the temporary Sophie Calle exhibition?

I mean this piece, although the white cloth is what stands out the most, still has a background of animals. The permanent is a museography of showing animals in general, animals natural habitat collection and “…temporary exhibitions give a particular and complimentary light on the permanent collections…”. In a wat, the museum as a whole exposes the relationship between a man and an animal through a long period of time.


Gabriella and I at the museum:)

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