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Entry #2

January 30, 2018

Entry #2


Make It Body Over Mind


“Don’t let your mind bully your body.” Seems like a simple life motto to lead you through the day, but when was anything related to mind or body ever this simple? A mind is a powerful machine capable of constant manipulation of not just what your body does, but also its physical health and condition. The quote is taken from an illustration found on Pinterest, which is an image of a person being pulled by the strings in their head, with a ribbon message pasted onto the body.


As harsh as it might seem, our mind also controls how our body looks like. A simple thought: “I am not good enough” can lead to abrupt, and usually negative, decisions about one’s appearance. Probably the most common manipulation, typically amongst girls, of the body by a mind, is the self-hypnosis of not being pretty or skinny enough. It seems rather absurd to be wanting a slimmer body when, as a matter of fact, your body is already slim. It seems rather absurd to think that you are not pretty when you are. It is simply absurd to “permit” the mind to manipulate one’s physical condition to the point of complete devastation. Why do we constantly let it happen?


To be honest, I still do not know the answer to this question; I wish I did. Maybe I would not have let myself live off model diets when I was thirteen, or I would not have straightened my hair every day just to see it curl up again in the rain, or maybe I would not have worn high heels to school every day just because I thought I was too short to be pretty. I genuinely wish I knew the answer.

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