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Entry #3

January 31, 2018

Entry #3


Don’t React. Respond.


Unintentionally, my curiosity journal is filled with all types of inspirational song lyrics and quotes. That is partly because well put-together words are mostly what inspires me for every artwork I create and they make me think about a broader range of perspectives. In addition, I frequently tend to relate these quotes to my characteristics, past situations, current mood, aspired goals, or past/future actions.


“Do not learn how to react. Learn how to respond”, which, I think, is a statement that relates to anyone’s already existent or aspired attitude, but what does this statement mean?


Sometimes our primary reactions to a question, for example, are spontaneous bursts of emotion that may, or usually are not, necessary.  Such reactions may lead to an incorrect interpretation of a “response” and the outcome of this “conversation” might not be what has been expected. So, learning how to react is useless; however, learning how to respond to one’s question, for example, is a useful skill to obtain. Controlling emotions and content in a response is an important communication skill that can help with one’s social life, education, and work opportunities.


Like any other quote that I have written down somewhere to keep in memory, I think it’s inspirational and something that I can aspire to.

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