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Entry #4

February 1, 2018

Entry #4


Role of Statement Pieces

Fashion is a way to show personality. I’ve heard this statement a million of times, but I never really agreed with it until I started noticing it around me and in myself. What you wear and how you wear it, doesn’t just represent your personal style, but also says something about who you are. For instance, a girl in sweatpants and sneakers might simply show her desire to be comfortable, or it can demonstrate her interest to sports. A girl wearing a dress with high heels can simply mean she is dressed for an occasion, or it can show that she likes to look elegant at all times.


The garments we wear can show a lot more to the world than just personal style. In addition, there are certain pieces of clothing that strike when being worn by the correct person. Meaning if you fit the garment, the garment fits you. I like to think of these as “statement pieces”.


The image of red, Fendi, “Over The Knee” boots give me that same impression of a statement piece. In addition to a high heel and a pointed toe, the color of the boots itself shows elegance, strength, and power. I personally imagine these boots being worn by 25 to a 30-year-old woman, probably an owner of some sort of magazine or a fashion brand. That’s the image that, in my opinion, will fit the boots; therefore, the boots fit the women wearing them.

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