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Entry #7

February 4, 2018

Entry #7


Piece of Beauty


While browsing Pinterest for that daily light bulb of inspiration, I found a photograph of a girl but with a ripped-out piece illusion running through the middle, with a drawing that continues the photograph. At first, I chose this image because I simply liked how it looked overall as a whole: I think it’s a very neat combination of reality and cartoon-like/anime drawing. Then, I examined it more, and couldn’t help but think about the whole idea of this ripped out piece and how this detail can be interpreted.


On one hand, the image can be interpreted as the uncovering of one’s personality: the photograph being the visual attributes of a girl, and the anime piece in the middle is what is inside. Which can indicate a deeper meaning; what is seen from the outside, physical or beauty factors, isn’t everything that makes a person who they are. Another way this image can be interpreted is that beauty is not only seen from the outside but on the inside as well and it’s not always the exact same type. Either one of these interpretations brings up a greater meaning to a simple illustration.

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