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Curiosity Journal: Collage

I worked in photoshop to combine the necessary images and text. The black silhouette is made from one of my pictures, the words written in the boxes are the questions and statements that I have received; therefore, this college became way more personal than I initially thought it would be.

In my opinion, this collage doesn’t simply relate to just identity but more specifically gender identity. The phrases in the text boxes clearly indicate judgment towards women or girl and are those that men or boys don’t usually receive.

Feedback and reflection:

I’ve received a lot of helpful feedback. After the presentation, I realized that the collage didn’t exactly deliver the messege I meant to deliver. I didn’t mean for the message to be related to gender identity or feminism, but that is mostly how it was interpreted. So, I definitely have to work more on how to deliver the correct message with my work so that it’s not misinterpreted.

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