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Studio: Thesis Proposal

1st prototype

Initial ideas/narrowing down

Political communication

For this studio project, I will create a line of clothes (about 5 garments) using the color scheme inspired by the Euromaidan protest that is meant to deliver an accurate message about the political situation in Ukraine. Inspired by the colors seen in real life back in 2013 and documentary films that I have re-watched recently, my color scheme will consist of the following colors:

Yellow, Orange, Blue, Indigo, Dark grey, Light grey, Black, White, Gold

I think that this color scheme will touch hearts, so to say, because it clearly represents the protest. In a way, it will bring back some sad moments; however, I want my garments to say the truth about what is currently happening in the country and those wearing the garments understand that change can’t be done only from the side of the politicians.

The idea is to use text and illustrations to make interesting, ready-to-wear garments.

These are some of the initial, rough sketches.


Mood board:

For my prototype, I just wanted to experiment a little with different types of garments, different places where to place the text, and different designs.


I have definitely received a lot of helpful feedback from my peers and professors. I have got a suggestion to create garment patches instead of whole garments, and I cannot stop thinking about it. This idea was the twist that my project needed and I think it will relate to my research topic even more. My peers have suggested creating several well-designed patches, about medium size, but still, have 1 example garment for the final presentation so that people could see how those patches look and what can be done with them. In general, the feedback I have received is positive, and the conversation ended with “You’re all set, dude.” So I think I’m on the right track.

Prototype + feedback outcome:

I definitely know now what to do with the color scheme I chose, the illustrations I sketched and had in mind. The next step is to make more drawings and produce them into wearable, fashionable garment patches. Although I initially had the idea of using text to supervise the illustrations, I need to do a bit more thinking about whether I actually want to do that or can I make these patches strong enough without text? Is there a way to communicate the intended message without using text?

Right after I received the feedback, I began to explore this idea of patches and how they are used on clothing.

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