[Space & Materiality] B1 – Orthographics of Inhabited Context

  • Free association exercise: What does it mean, TO INHABIT? What are other words that mean the same thing, and what do those words make you think of?

To inhabit means to

  1. A person or animal to live in, occupy
  2. It is a place where connection and  community exists
  3. A place where it is safe
  • Are there social, cultural or political connotations to these associations?

  mmjIt is an organization of people with a common purpose and having a formal structure.

Yes, there are connotations to these associations. I believe a place to inhabit has a community. To form an association or a community, I believe there are always rules in the cultural or social side. To explain specifically, these connections exist to form an appropriate circumstance to live in.  

  • My space: my dorm room

The reason I picked my room for my space: I picked my room because this is the space that contains a lot of meaning to me. I spend most of my time in my dorm. Working on my assignments, sleeping, communicating with my friends and more. Since I am living with my roommate and sharing this small space together, we created a lot of rules for us. Due to the fact that rules help us to live and inhabit in a lot more organized, clean environment


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