[Space & Materiality] B1 – Orthographics of Inhabited Context

  • Free association exercise: What does it mean, TO INHABIT? What are other words that mean the same thing, and what do those words make you think of?

To inhabit means to

  1. A person or animal to live in, occupy
  2. It is a place where connection and  community exists
  3. A place where it is safe
  • Are there social, cultural or political connotations to these associations?

It is an organization of people with a common purpose and having a formal structure.

Yes, there are connotations to these associations. I believe a place to inhabit has a community. To form an association or a community, I believe there are always rules in the cultural or social side. To explain specifically, these connections exist to form an appropriate circumstance to live in.  

  • My space: my dorm room

The reason I picked my room for my space: I picked my room because this is the space that contains a lot of meaning to me. I spend most of my time in my dorm. Working on my assignments, sleeping, communicating with my friends and more. It is my first time to live alone away from my family. This all-new inhabit space is sometimes hard to adjust and suffocating but this is also the space that gives me a realization of how blessed I was. On the other hand, I believe this space leads me to grow more mature and organized.  Since I am living with my roommate and sharing this small space together, we created a lot of rules for us. Due to the fact that rules help us to live and inhabit in a lot more organized, clean inhabit space for us.


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