[Fake: seminar]week 08: space is a place

My home in Korea is the space where contains all my memory of dreams. It was not just the dreams overnight. It was not only I ate, slept or worked in this room, But It was also the room where contained memories of my days and dreams are developed. In addition, this space is so special for me due to the fact that I spent my most of my time in my life here. To talk about my room specifically, when I open my door, the light lavenderish colored wallpaper pops out that my mom painted for me. Her purpose was to increase my happiness every day and to relieve my stress. Most of the furniture is white which makes a contrast with my purple wallpaper. I grew up with these items of furniture due to the fact my mom and dad prepared for me with their love. Beside the door, there was my white wooden desk covered with glass at the top that my dad made for me. It was where I procrastinate my works.  Across my desk, there was my bed where I most prefer to stay on my bed because it was where I could rest comfortably. There was a huge window beside where I enjoyed to look out the window and observe people passing by or check for the weather every morning.

The smell of my mom cooking was an alarm every morning. My eyes started to open and told myself to wake up. The sunshine coming through the curtain told me it’s morning now. As soon as I hear my mom’s calling, I woke up and opened my white wooden door, and ran to the kitchen where I started my day. Approximately 10 hours later, I come back to this space. I threw all my belongings on the wooden floor and changed to the most comfortable pajama I have. After finishing all that, I run back to the kitchen, sit on the same chair, same space, I rapped my day off with having my mom’s late night meal for me. Back into my room, I started to motivate myself to work on my white wooden desk. While working, I hear the sound from the automatic door lock which tells me my dad came back from his work. Now me, my mom and dad gather together in the living room where has cozy blankets and sofa. We lay down there then open up the half gallon sized ice cream that my dad always brings home once a week. The mixture of the warm, cozy temperature of the house and the perfect sweetness of the ice cream and cold temperature in my mouth was the greatest healing of my day. These were just usual days, same space, every day. I was so used to this space that I could not recognize the thankfulness that I had to be thankful of. However now, living alone as 19 years old, I realize how blessed I was to grow up in this space. In the hallway, I always put on the yellowish colored lights and pretend to have a presentation about my show as a designer. Across me, my mom was the audience who listened, laughed and clapped for me all the time.

The year 2025, October 23, on my father’s birthday, I am here standing in the backstage where is crowded with preparing. 5 minutes later, my show is opening, I am standing in this space as a designer Kristy Hyun. “Kristy, please stand by!” Now I step outside, where everything is black `Outside, is covered with black. The only thing I can hear is people’s whispers. Despite this fact, I could feel people’s excitement about the show opening. In 3 minutes, the lights are going to be up just like my dreams are coming true. The dream I was dreaming for 7 years of my life. In my age thirteen, I’ve received a realization that I have a great have a passion for art. Then I dreamed and strived to become a designer. One day, I imagined myself standing on the stage, presenting about the show that contained my effort and art. Moreover, how satisfying and thrilling it was just to imagine my mom and dad seating next to the stage, and watching me presenting. However, the moment that I imagined became present. The lights were up and I opened my eyes. I see my parents smiling at me. Just like the models passing by, my memories of my time and effort flashed through my head. Those times that I pushed my personal limits to become more creative and to be a professional designer allowed me to be in this space where I could present my art as a designer. People clapping and cheering seemed like a big hug to me. A reward for my effort. I now walked down to the stage to meet my parents. My dad who is burst in tears gave me a big hug with telling me “this is the best birthday present ever. Thank you for being my daughter.” The scenario in the hallway became reality.


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