[Bridge Project # 3] Artifacts + Stories

For this bridge project 3, We were given a group project that we had to create a story with each character combined that was created by each of our group members. My group members were Norris, Celina, Youjin. The title of our story is “Lost, Last.” Our story is based in the background of 1980. Two characters Joy and Hyun Hwa starts their journey from Korea to New York to survive from the harsh circumstance in Korea. The Alchemist is the one who has a strong desire to have the strong power to rule the world. However, his improper use of his ability puts the situations in danger and the goddess of cats is the character who reaches to Joy and Hyun Hwa in order to stop and help to save the world from this critical condition.

Subsequently, we had to choose a site that will be the background of our story. Our group chose “Grace Church” as our site which is a historic parish church in Manhattan. Then we went to visit Grace Church to observe the details and interview people that we encounter at this place. During this process, we were able to learn lots of valuable pieces of information about our site.

For the next step, we had to choose an artifact that is associated with the story and create it from the site by our hands in real life. Therefore, our group chose a caldron that was placed next to the garden in the Grace Church. We all thought the cauldron would be a useful object and has a great relation to associated with the story since the magic spell and the characters are fighting against the magic spell that is made in the cauldron. We specifically chose to make our artifact as a fragment of the cauldron in order to put more relation with the context of the main part of the story. To make the actual piece of an artifact, we used clay to shape the bottom of the cauldron and cut out the piece to make a fragment when the clay was half dried. Then we colored it with a black ink pen to make the color to be more similar to the actual site. For the last process, we mixed water and gesso then dripped on the piece to make it more like a real fragment that shows more period of time.

Overall, this project was very challenging for me. It was very hard to combine all different characters to make one story. Communicating and negotiating with each other was challenging at the first time but from these processes, I was able to learn so many valuable lessons from each of pushing my personal limit and overcoming it. Although the result did not come out perfect since it was my first time, as a result, I believe I’ve grown more open to learning and to trying new techniques in order to better myself not only as an artist or a student but as a person as a whole.

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[Bridge Project # 3] Artifacts + Stories

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