[Bridge Project # 3] Artifacts + Stories

Lost, Last



“For how long I’ve waited.”


“To the extent that it felts…… eternal.”


“This time it will be done!”


One dare soul ventured into an old castle, through the endless pillars and depth, a shadow of a female showed through the pink yet pale mist. She rises up, unnoticeably, the shadow disappeared, leaving out an afterimage of a mere tail. Shortly after, a mellow, resonant sound of a flute presented, it is so soft but yet it possesses a raucous energy, pushing away the consciousness, the vision lost, every sense is lost, nothing more than fluffiness, warmth and extreme happiness…… “I’ll send you to the Sukhavati, worry not my dear, as I am Felinea.” Nothing is heard anymore after this soft, soft whisper.


The Grace shrine, or that’s the name people gave to this place, countless witnesses a strange female going throughout the old building yet no real evidence are given that this mysterious female exists, many dared to investigate but all of them gone nowhere. After quite a few incidents like that, people started to stay away from the building. Coincidentally though, all who can see her at least owns one cat, due to this reason, many wild cats appearing around the church are also deemed by people to be cursed. Legends have told that this church was once a shrine for a goddess, the goddess of felines, but same, no proof are present except the occasional meowing sound and the dwindling light from the cauldron in the yard.

After Altar set his people free, he was admired and appreciated by his people for a long- sketch of time. Consequently, he becomes deeply addicted to being the savior of people in chaos. There were not enough admirations to satisfy him and he gradually developed an idea that give free to people all over the world free step by step and be admired by crowds of people forever. Once he set up his plan, he began to carry it out immediately. However, those cities which had no rulers and governments became chaotic and disordered quickly, which leaded to his disappointment about these foolish ordinary people with all kinds of human shortcomings.

    “It is time for me to stop these ordinary beings jumping up and down casually in the world, it is time for me to rule the world and control them, ” he thought.

    By looking up all kinds of alchemy books, he eagerly wanted to find a particular elixir that could help him control people all over the world. One of the books said, there is a goddess of cats named Feline who has the ability to control humans using cats. Her palace named Grace Church, in New York, has a magic phenomenon of control due to her ability. If making potions in the cauldron at the entrance of the palace, you would be able to make that magic elixir. But, the materials for the potion are really precious that they are difficult to find. What’s worse, it is impossible for people to combine them into a concoction unless you have a magic wand which has the ability to control things and people during the making process.

    “It is time to rebuild a whole new world.” Altar said to his lovely cat, with his mouth slightly upward.

    Altar closes the book and starts his ambitious journey boisterously with his lovely cat to New York.


Joy, the mother of 20-year-old daughter Sue and the owner of the magic wand. She is now standing in the entrance of the Grace church, the place that will provide her resolution and the key to end this long-lasting fight.

To flip back in time, the city of Gwangju, located in South Korea, Joy was a warm-hearted mother, raising her only child after overcoming her husband’s death after several years her daughter was born. This was a harsh suffering barrier to defeat by her own. Nevertheless, Joy was a powerful woman to get over this long suffer. Since then, she was just an ordinary mother, were living in, South Korea, the city of Gwangju. The only special thing about her life was the magic wand that she was given by her mother that she could control any objects or people that she wants. She did not only use her ability to help herself or fulfill her desire. She had a kind loving mind that she helped other people what they needed and wanted. Despite the fact a person like her existed at this time, Korea was in a chaotic situation. On May 18, 1980, it was the day that the incidents started to happen. her only daughter Sue disappeared. Early in the morning, about 200 students including Sue, went to the front gate of Chonnam University. The students started to march downtown, attracting more supporters as they went. By early afternoon, local police were overwhelmed by 2,000 protestors, so the military sent about 700 paratroopers into the fray. Throughout the day on May 19, more and more furious residents of Gwangju joined the students in the streets, as reports of increasing violence filtered through the city. Such as businessmen, housewives, taxi drivers, people of all walks of life marched out to defend the youth of Gwangju who wanted to stop the dictatorship. Demonstrators hurled rocks and Molotov cocktails at the soldiers. By the morning of May 20, there were more than 10,000 people protesting downtown. That day, the army sent in an additional 3,000 paratroopers. The special forces beat people with clubs, stabbed and mutilated them with bayonets, and threw at least twenty to their deaths from high buildings. The soldiers used tear gas and live ammunition indiscriminately, shooting into the crowds. It was unreasonable death for so many citizens. During this situation happening, Sue got caught and taken from the army. Joy finds out that Sue was getting tortured by the army.


 The disoriented anarchy is an inevitable force for her to become a different person. HyunHwa was clearly and painfully paralyzed about it. All the misfortunate and miserable death pierced through Hyun Hwa’s heart. She couldn’t hardly breathe. Whenever she wakes up, she wants to deny that I am living in this tragic and immoral reality. However, I should stand firm and determined as I was in any challenging and controversial trials. As the outrageous and chaotic protest is ongoing, she decided to defend the students as much as she could because success comes from intimidate endurance and tenacity. Few weeks ago, a client came to my office in early morning. She greeted me with a mournful smile. She was in an apparent panic and I tried to calm her down but she started to cry with misery. Her daughter was ruthlessly tortured by the government. Her name was Joy. She couldn’t continue her words. Hyun Hwa felt an insane sorrow when I saw her face full with tears. She was devastated. This was the first time Hyun Hwa attempted to understand others in a sincere manner. This was the first time I cared about them because she felt drastically sorry for them. She has said,” Please help us. I will give you everything I own. We are not living as a human but as trained dogs. We are cruelly trapped in Korea.” Her comments stroke Hyun Hwa strongly. For several weeks, Joy and Hyun Hwa eagerly asked Hyun Hwa’s colleagues to help them but they emphatically neglected us. Hence, they felt deadly hopeless to save Joy’s daughter.  


The dare soul got lost, lost in the infinite happiness, then in a flash the music stopped, the warmth gone, everything blacked out, as if the whole existence is being dragged away by a incredibly strong force. The soul dissipated, leaves out nothing but a pathetic carcass. Seeing the body lies on the ground, motionless, soulless, comes a sigh by the mysterious female who called herself Felinea. “I feel it is against my very own wills but, as a goddess I unfortunately feed human soul’s energy, guess I’ll just pretend nothing ever happened, meow.” Said that before she walks away, leaving the resonant, clear echoes of bells.


Never would’ve thought about the grand cauldron located at the entrance of the church, due to the present of the goddess, the cauldron gained mystical energy, allowing it to be the catalyst to produce mind-controlling elixirs that has similar effect to what the goddess is able to do with her music.



 With that being revealed soon after, the church has an unexpected visitor, a visitor that has a wild wish. When the goddess is meditating in the church in a night, an abnormal energy wave distracted her, she sensed out that something is quickly maneuvering within the church, clearing out her mind, she found it is a cat, then another being popped up, seems like a man, with a ponytail. Believing that this is very suspicious, she sneaked into the intruding cat and possessed it, seeing that a tall man in a weird clothing that is likely an archaeologist, she thinks that this could not just be a normal individual who came in to reveal the myth as this person is going right towards the cauldron, he seems to have a clear objective. “I have to keep an eye on him, he actually have magical power.” Felinea thinks. As this thought popped up, a voice shouted “Exorcism elixir, aid me!” Felinea’s possession broke, she went back to herself, she breathes heavily as her spiritual energy has been hurt by the elixir. “This one is pretty strong, I guess I cannot face him straight-on as he will use elixir to drive me out, let’s see what does he want to do, next time I have to be more sneaky and hide my energy I guess, ugh my head hurts meow.” She retreats to recover. “Might as well use him to my advantage.” At this moment, she also sensed that the alchemist left already,

“I need to disguise myself as someone and go to the Grace Church to look for that magic cauldron,” Altar thought. Before going to palace, he polished his leather shoes, put on a neat and clean business suit, put up the tie and wore round black glasses, with a very thick book in his hand, pretending to be a scholar of archaeology.

    When he arrived at the shrine, it was shrouded in a grey mist with several cats wandering around the stone structure. To his astonishment, the Grace Church conveyed a heavy and strong feeling by these piles of stones and old faded embossment. “I would not be controlled, I am not a common human,” he was thinking while walking into the door. The cauldron was just near the entrance and caught his eyes quickly. It was an old and big cauldron with faded black color and some white stains on the metallic base. It was as tall as one human and it gave viewer a sense of solemness and control. He touched it for several seconds, intending to connect with that power of control and unexpectedly felt like he was being watched by someone. Suddenly looking back, he only saw several cats walking around. Due to that strange feeling, he was thinking it was not a perfect day to visit this miraculous place while taking a exorcism elixir which could get rid of some unnatural elements and went back to house, starting to plan another day to investigate.

    “The cauldron is solemn, the day that I finally rule the world was coming soon.” He said, looking at his cat.


It was only Joy and her cat in her house. Joy was sitting on the sofa thinking of various ways to resolve this chaos. She was desperate, covered with anxiety.  All the things that were special were destroyed in her country just like a part of her disappeared. Her cat, looking at was staring at her continuously and all of a sudden, the cat eyes flashed. Then, in her mouth, religious spells and words flowed out. Zoe was so shocked at the moment that I could not believe the moment. Was this a reality? Was she dreaming ..? She almost fainted then she fell asleep on the couch. That night, in her dreams, the landscape contrasted with the current situation in Korea came out. It is so peaceful and quiet, a different surrounding from her situation. And a church spread in front of her eyes. She wondered if it was a dream.

The next day, Joy ran to Hyun Hwa and told everything that happened last night. All about her cats and her dreams. Surprisingly, Joy and Hyun hwa had the same dream. At first, they were confused and could not believe. Thus, they realized it could be the destiny that will save them. So they decided to discover the solution and this mystery. After a week, they chose their path to escape away to New York.


One day, Joy called her with an unstable and shivering voice that her cat spoke in a holy and majestic voice. She has mentioned that she nearly fainted. Hyun Hwa thought that she was not in  a rational state. Nonetheless, after the corruptive and traumatic turmoil happened in Gwang Ju, Hyun Hwa started to dream about the future and it eventually happens in reality.

 After Joy told her about her cat, Hyun Hwa dreamed about her fleeing from Korea with Joy and Sue and stay in a safe and glorious shrine for awhile. She woke up immediately, sweating insanely. The dream felt so tangible and plausible it gave her nerves. After Hyun Hwa told Joy about it, her eyes widened and told me about exact same plot of her dream. Time seemed to be ceased and she denied to believe about this nonsense. She thought she was severely cursed. Joy’s cat discerned my confusion and said, “This is reality. Don’t disregard the truth.” Hyun Hwa’s sanity deteriorated and she felt as she was a fanatic. Notwithstandingly, Joy attempted to convince her but she told joy that she needs a week to think. Hyun Hwa contemplated about what had occured in several days. Fleeing from Korea is the only path for Joy and Sue to be safely salvaged and she would devote her life on their safety. Although the cat’s claim is preposterous and bizarre, she has decided to conform to the order. Flight to New York was sudden and irrational but she has never seen Joy grinning like an innocent child. Since she determined to be  a selfless lawyer, she forced herself to neglect the overwhelming anxiety.



The next morning, due to a sense of danger and willingness to use the alchemist as well as knowing that facing him straight on will do her no good, Felinea sets up a summoning field, summoning all who is now in a sense of peril, sent out a dream to those people saying that they can come and find peace here.

“Oh poor one, I sensed that you are not in a very good situation now, this might not be the best time to talk but please, as a spiritual being I can save you and spare you from any forms of worrying. Please heed my call and I will grant you happiness, peace and salvation, I will be waiting for you at my shrine. ”

Luckily there are many respondents, many of them are from Korea, known as  having a very chaotic and divisive political event going on. The students are actively protesting to form democracy for the nation but the government deterred the protest by brutally torturing the students. One of the respondents was a prosperous lawyer and they are sent to my shrine because one of the messengers summoned them to save them from the dystopian society.  

After several days, he visited the shrine again. The experience of the second visit was totally different than the first. There were crowds of people around the entrance with some anxious and tired expression on their Korean-looking faces. Someone wearing common shirts looked like just a house mother and someone wearing suits seemed like a business woman or a lawyer. He intended to keep doing his own things, but one plain wood wand in one woman’s pocket successfully grasped his attention. It was weird for someone to put that significant object in a really obvious place if that wand has magic power. However, that wooden stick looks really ordinary and common just like the normal ones lying on the ground.  “But never judge a book by its cover.” He said to himself thoughtfully. He truly believed this coincidence was the good sign for him to govern the world and began to think about how to steal that magic wand.

     He tailed after that woman into her tiny room of that shrine by using the potion of invisibility in order to steal the stick. To his surprise, she has a pretty cat and a daughter with her. He started to envy the cozy feeling of them due to his own tragedy. By sneaking near them, he reached out his hand to the pocket. He succeeded stealing the wand without any difficulty when they are playing with the cat happily.


 As soon as Joy arrived in New York with Hyun Hwa, she could not believe the reality in front of her eyes. It was a peaceful and stable landscape that was so different from the situation in Korea. Joy got a stable and calm feeling despite her complicated situation. Joy thought, “Oh, there can be a world.” She more realized how serious the situation in Korea was. Nevertheless, for a moment, she did not forget to reclaim her unreasonable death and her magic wand. Even though everything was uncertain and insecure, she decided to trust her and his decision. trust. It was only for it to live. They walked to New York without rest. In the meantime, a temple like a beautiful palace came in front of them. It was the church that came out in their dreams.

Joy first hesitated. Due to the fact that it was so new and was a stunning landscape, she was afraid to enter the church. Nevertheless, she decided to overcome this fear. It was to save the world before her fear.  Yet, her magic wand has disappeared without any notice. Joy was terrified owing to the fact she has no capability to stop the collision of the irrepressible potion. Furthermore, the magic wand shouldn’t be controlled with any negative intention. As soon as Joy and Hyun Wha entered the beautiful temple, a professor came. He was a person with no expression or emotion. His actions were too strange to be unsuspicious. At that moment, all the events before him fell into Joy ‘s head. This professor should be the one who took her magic wand owing to the fact that he was the alchemist who had the strong desire to become more powerful and wants to rule the world. Joy and Hyun Hwa had to find a solution to get her magic weapon back.

 As Hyun Hwa took her first step on the land of New York, Hyun Hwa was dazed by the calmness and the stability of New York which was quite distinct with GwangJu. Warmth always felt distant and intangible but she found herself closing her eyes and feeling the joyness inside the warmth. A paradise is not a grandstanding and a profound place. It is rather a calm and pleasant place where there are no disastrous and corruptive society. It was a different and unfamiliar portrayal of a happiness which she have never felt until she worked with vigorous tenacity with a painful effort. They were doubtlessly astonished as well. It was like going through extremely dim and hopeless tunnel but at one moment, a glorious and pleasant sunshine is gloring towards Hyun Hwa. As they walked without taking a break, they were overtly exhausted but Hyun Hwa could see the marvelous shrine.


  Notwithstandingly, they were hesitant to enter into the shrine because the gothic and exquisite elements of it seems to be a place that’s for exhibit and display. Joy’s cat tenaciously led them to get into the shrine. The moment Hyun Hwa walked in, she didn’t know where to put her eyes on. The structure of the shrine was exceedingly elegant. They were unfamiliar with the shrine but they firmly determined to stay here until the divisive turmoil comes to the end. Nevertheless, one person was constantly on her nerve. It was the professor from the shrine. She was hardly aware of him but he showed obscure behaviours. Accordingly, she tried to obtain information about him to scrutinize him as a person. He had the invariable face expression which was a solemn and indignated expression.


  One day, there was a divisive and disputable incident in the shrine. Joy has detected out that her wand has disappeared. She felt insecure because it was Joy’s dominant magic power. Hyun Hwa immediately suspected the professor who stole the wand. The midnight of that day, she was awake and couldn’t fall into sleep because she was anxious because she had a dreadful foresight dream. The professor, with the wand in his hand attempted to dominantly control them. A mysterious clicking sound resonated through the shrine. The professor immediately walked towards the centre of the shrine and she sighted the concealed truth of the professor. Hyun Hwa held her breath and walked back with extremely light steps. After she has told Joy about the sight. Joy has firmly declared to stand against the professor which happens to be a dictative Alchemist. However, he had a inevitable and an absolute power. They impatiently and extensively planned to end the struggle. One day, Sue dropped a wax candle on the floor and  rolled under the Eagle statue. When she bent down to look underneath, she found out an old and dusty book. Sue showed it to them and all of the information was significantly about the magic tricks. Therefore, they studied and read numeral times to succeed the magic trick on the Alchemist. After they have discerned and adapted the core information, they memorized the most practical and powerful trick.


 When the whole shrine is in a chaos, no one noticed that a girl sit on the top of the shrine. She played her flute. It was subtle, inconsistent but in the end it worked, A glimpse of pink energy emitted from the flute and covered up the shrine. “I’m going to use the hand of innocents to end you.” A little twist appeared on her usually grinning face. “You will regret for hurting a goddess with exorcism.”


  It took him a very hard time to find these precious materials used for the potion.  After finishing finding, he sneaked to the church and starts using the wand and materials to make the potion. He used invisible potion to make other people unable to see him and kept making the potion for about several days.



   One day, there first shows a small beam of light, after his stirring, the light becomes larger and larger and forms a strong light.

  The potion is completed finally.

     He smashes the cauldron up in order to make the potion spread around. People who breath in the air with that potion would be   controlled by the maker easily.

     When he thought he is succeeded in controlling all people and domain the whole world, he became visible again, but was attacked by the lawyer, Hyun Hwa and Joy. The attack was so sudden and immediate. A lightning strike penetrated through his body and he could feel the constant pain. The petals of the rose were making the portion vanish and his power decayed.  As he was trembling insanely, he miserably collapsed and saw a dark shadow came to him slowly, elegantly and saying something. He used his little left strengths for asking about who you are and went unconscious.


 At the moment they realized, the professor walked to the center and took out a magic wand. It was Joy’s magic wand. She had to get it back, somehow they had to stop him. However, they were too weak compared to the professor, so they had to think about how to defeat him without any weapon. Then, they thought of the magic trick that they could tell in their head for the moment. This is a book about the magic tricks found by Sue under the eagle statue. They have been studying and studying the book constantly in preparation for any unforeseen circumstances. So at that moment, they could use that powerful magic skill. They put the rose in the cauldron and poured the water from the shrine into the cauldron. The magic trick instantly paralyzed the Alchemist in agony.


  In dawn, at the usual spot where the Alchemist created the vigorous and irresistable potion invisibly they applied the magic trick secretly. They put a rose in the cauldron and then poured the water from the shrine. When the potion was completed and he smashed the cauldron up and became visible suddenly. The magic trick immediately penetrated his soul painfully and entirely mesmerized him. He collapsed and the potion turned into ashes. Joy and Hyun Hwa were unconscious for two weeks because they couldn’t resist the shock they have felt as they applied the magic trick. and woke up with facing the unavoidable and shimmering sunshine. They were situated in the shrine with mere calmness and peace. The everlasting immoral and agonized world seem to be ceased. They slowly closed their eyes and let their soul to be solely in this moment. Just for a moment to breathe and let go their pain.   

 Shortly after the tired ones rested in the shrine, “So you finally fall, I must say that you are worthy of an alchemist, but sadly your whole journey is nothing but a play, and I am the director, and you are the puppet.” The light voice echoed the the shrine. “Who, who are you! What do you want from me!” said the alchemist in a extremely nervous manner. “Who am I, ehehe, hilarious.” Thus hearing the bells ring as a young female walked out from the mist in very bizarre clothings, unfitting to the shrine. “I am Felinea, the goddess of cats, welcome to my palace.” Saying this as she waved her gigantic sleeves, in a flash the cats around turned into light orbs that are then after absorbed by her. “I hope that was not a late introduction, I have many things to share with you, grand alchemist.” “You…” The alchemist grimaced, but the next moment the goddess is right next to him, cuddling on him “I will forgive your sins if you obey me, I will make you feel like all these is just a bad dream, and you will wake up clean, give it up and I shall accept……” as she is saying she approaches the alchemist more. Finally, the lips touched, a dwindling blue light emitted from the touching point, the soul is gone. Yet leaving out another carcass.


 Light came back once more, on the new grounds a girl sat on the top of the shrine playing a flute, as the sound spread, prayers heard: “To our gratitude we thank our goddess for another day of warmth, safety and lovely kitties, we shall not live without your lead, O great Felinea.”


“Feels good to be accepted again.” As the girl finished up her tune and walked backed to the shrine in the pink mist.


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