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featured image: Immersion, by Colleen Allen. “My “change viewer” is a garment, which restrains its wearer in order to allow them to experience uninhibited reality. By restraining themselves, they are put in a position of slowing down, free from the distractions of technology and daily life.

For your final project, you will synthesize your semester’s work through the production a CHANGE VIEWER. The CHANGE VIEWER reflects the reality that despite the difficulties of accepting and understanding contemporary environmental change, change is happening all around us — and artists/designers can help the public experience/view these changes in meaningful and necessary ways.

Download full project brief (PDF)

F14_JK_Kristin_Rivas3Mutations, by Kristin Rivas

Condemned to Survive by Alexa Gantous

“Take a moment to appreciate. Open your eyes and look at the cup in your hands. Look at yourself, at your clothes, your phone, your bag, all the objects that are on you. Perhaps you have taken them for granted? Now look around you, and question. Re-invent the way you live. The way we live in relation to this world, and in relation to each other. Look at its complexity, understand it, embrace it. Put the cup down, but realize that down is not away.”





Jamie Kruse is an artist, designer and part-time faculty at Parsons School for Design. In 2005 she co-founded smudge, ( with Elizabeth Ellsworth, based in Brooklyn, NY. She is the author of Friends of the Pleistocene:

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