• Posted on: May 15, 2015
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Adbusters Magazine #117 “Ours is a crisis of Aesthetics

Transform this magazine into a 3D experience.

Offer an EXPERIENCE of its content (describing it in words or through lengthy explanations).

What do you find provocative?



Curate, cut up, remix the content from 2D into 3D.

Find words/images/timelines that you think are interesting.

No requirements, other than you use the entire time —don’t stop building until the time is up!


Jamie Kruse is an artist, designer and part-time faculty at Parsons School for Design. In 2005 she co-founded smudge, (smudgestudio.org) with Elizabeth Ellsworth, based in Brooklyn, NY. She is the author of Friends of the Pleistocene: fopnews.wordpress.com.

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